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Men just want Venus, Women Just want Bruno Mars

     Vedic Astrological Chart of Bruno Mars
Billboard Magazine

10 -8- 1985     Saturn Dasha

Born into the dasha of an ascendant lord in the tenth house must have planted subtle seeds in Bruno Mars, for as soon as he was able to formulate words and movements, Bruno had already begun sprouting into a sensation.

11-27-1988     Mercury Dasha    3 years old         

Mercury is usually the significator of the maternal uncle, but as Mercury is posited in the 9th sign, Bruno’s Mercury significations were colored by connections to the father.

At the ripe age of 3, Bruno would watch his paternal uncle perform Elvis impersonations. This would be the key impetus to launch the formation of Bruno’s persona for a long time to come. It was his uncle who spurred Bruno to start performing at the mature age of 3 years old. By the age of four, Bruno was known as the world's youngest Elvis impersonator, and began to become well known as a minor celebrity on the island of Hawaii.

                                      Mercury Dasha Mercury Bhukti
Mercury rules impersonations, mimicking and according to some jyotisha lineages even signifies dancing. While still in Mercury dasha/ Mercury bhukti, he landed a role as “little Elvis” in Midweek, and as Venus rules honeymoons and movies, two years later in his Venus bhukti he landed a role impersonating an Elvis mini-me on the silver screen in the movie Honeymoon In Vegas.
                                            Mercury/Venus Movie Appearance

Mercury is occupying the house of Venus, a planet who is involved in many yogas (planetary combinations,) and is auspicious for Aquarius ascendants.

                                        Mercury Dasha Venus Bhukti
Mercury is in the 9th sign of spirituality. Even at 4 years old it is said that Bruno prayed before every show. As Mercury is in a sign of Venus, it is only appropriate that the name of his family’s band when he started was called The Love Notes.

Mercury rules the Vaishya (business man,) and as Mercury is posited in the place of father, his father was quite the dexterous business man; with stores ranging from selling memorial Elvis souvenirs, to all sorts of other trinkets for tourists, as well as a musical act performing 5 nights a week. Throughout his Mercury dasha, Bruno traveled throughout the United States performing his Elvis impersonations.

 Mercury in the 9th sign, and Jupiter in the 12th represent foreign travel and immigration. Bruno moved to Los Angeles from Hawaii during Mercury dasha, Jupiter bhukti. Arriving in L.A. during a Jupiter debilitated bhukti, Bruno found it tough to make a living and was quickly at a loss for funds. In Mercury dasha Saturn bhukti, Bruno signed with Motown Records, but the deal was not fruitful and quickly eroded. Though his first contract failed, Saturn is Bruno’s ascendant lord and posited in the 10th house of career, so despite the obstacles, he made valuable connections that would lay the foundation for his future network of important music industry contacts.

11-28-2005      Ketu Dasha

Ketu dasha started off slowly for Bruno. Ketu is in the 9th sign of in-depth learning, and though he became entangled in various unfruitful contracts,  Bruno began learning the ropes of the music industry. 
Venus is in the house of partnerships, and it was during Ketu/Venus that Bruno began meeting key contacts, and learned to collaborate and write songs for other artists. Venus is in a raj yoga in his 7th house, so in a sense he began the momentum to associate with the royals of the L.A. music scene. His natural musical talent began permeating the music scene in Los Angeles, and soon he was writing for the likes of Cee Lo Green, Adam Levine, Brandy, and Sugababes.

It was not until Ketu/Mars that Bruno began his solo career again. His ascendant lord is in a sign of Mars. 10th lord Mars rules independence and is creating an important Raj yoga conjunct with 9th lord Venus in the 7th. Venus is his Atmakaraka, indicating his deep drive and connection to music.  Mars is his Amatyakaraka, and the conjunction of Atmakaraka and Amatyakaraka is an important raj yoga in Jaimini analysis. The bhukti of a raj yoga planet in the 7th catalyzed an important turning point in his life, and within the next two years he had come to be regarded as a well-known collaborator having two hit-songs he partnered on reach Top-ten on the charts the world over.

                                                 Ketu Dasha Jupiter Bhukti

After entering Rahu bhukti his name and career really began to take off. He collaborated on many recordings during this period that would be released in Jupiter bhukti. Rahu is in the 3rd sign of the performing arts, and disposited by auspicious 10th lord raj yoga participant Mars.

                                           Ketu Dasha/ Jupiter Bhukti
Though Jupiter does not have much dignity to speak of, dispositor of Jupiter is lagnesha Saturn in the 10th,  and Jupiter is involved in a kesari yoga with Moon. During Jupiter bhukti, Bruno had many successes begin lining up. In Jupiter bhukti he co-wrote the expletive-rich Cee Lo Green megahit F@%# Y$%, and he performed at the MTV music awards September 12th, 2010.

                                            Ketu Dasha/ Jupiter Bhukti
Just 7 days after his breakthrough performance at the MTV Music Awards, Bruno was arrested with 2.6 grams of cocaine in Las Vegas. Though in the 9th sign, Ketu is placed in the 8th bhava of arrests, drugs and scandal via Placidus house system. It was a Sunday and the Sun is in his 8th sign. Jupiter is in the nakshatra of the Moon who is in his 6th sign (servants, attendants.) The bhukti of a planet in the 12th sign (Jupiter,) can sometimes represent jail. Jupiter is in opposition with 6th lord and occupant Moon, and if you put it all together you can see that it was a bathroom attendant that ratted him out to the police. I thought what happened in Vegas, stayed in Vegas?! A freaking bathroom attendant, can you believe it! Aren’t you supposed to let other people have their privacy if you’re a bathroom attendant –jeez! Well, it was Las Vegas, so all I can say is desha, kala, patra.
                                                Ketu Dasha Jupiter Bhukti

Not to worry though, within a month Bruno released his first album Doo Wop and Hooligans which debuted at #3 on the Billboard 200 charts; he opened for Maroon 5, and co-headlined in Europe with McCoy. By February of 2011, ascendant and bhukti lord Saturn revealed its mojo and Bruno received seven nominations for a Grammy, winning one for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. During Saturn bhukti, Bruno was named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world.

                                           Ketu Dasha Saturn Bhukti
In October of 2011, Bruno received another 6 Grammy nominations. Though he performed at the Grammys, he was beat out by Adele in all categories and did not receive any Grammys to take home.

                                           Ketu Dasha Mercury Bhukti

As Mercury bhukti brought to a close his Ketu dasha, he released the mega-hit Locked out of Heaven, which eventually reached #1 on the Billboard 100 in the U.S. Canada, and top ten in many other countries. Mercury and Ketu are conjunct in the auspicious 9th sign and are disposited by raj yoga participant Venus. As many things in life come full circle, Bruno started the first Mercury Bhukti of his life as an impersonator, and during his second Mercury Bhukti, after years of hiatus from his impersonating days of the past, he performed many impressions on his appearance on Saturday Night Live, and brought them the highest ratings for the season.
                                               Ketu Dasha Mercury Bhukti

 11-27-2012       Venus Dasha

Just two weeks after the start of his yoga-filled Venus dasha, Bruno released his hit album Unorthodox Jukebox.

                                             Venus Dasha Venus Bhukti
Venus in the 7th causes karako-bhava-nashya, so marriage and serious relationships have naturally been put on the back-burner. This was also exacerbated by Saturn aspecting Venus and the 7th house. The aspect of Saturn on Venus is also what gives him his retro-style with his music and fashion.

Venus looks stellar! It is raja yoga-karaka, involved in a major raj yoga as well as many other yogas. But actually, Venus has some subtle issues other dashas did not have, can you spot them?


Just 7 months into his Venus dasha, on June 1st, 2013, Bruno Mars unexpectedly lost his mother to a brain aneurysm. She was just 55 years old.

One can observe the transits to the chart of Bruno on June 1st,   2013. You can see that his 4th bhava Taurus, representing the mother and the head of the mother, is overcome with two pitta malefics – Sun and Mars. The 9th house of father contains two vata retrograde malefics – Saturn and Rahu.  Thus, we can see two malefics in the house of mother and two malefics in the 6th house of roga (sickness) to the house of mother. Moon, representing mother, is in the 12th sign of the zodiac (endings.) The Moon is in the nakshatra of Saturn who is 8 houses away, and Moon is in the sign of Jupiter who is coming out of rashi-sandhi in the marakasthan from the house of mother.

                                            Venus Dasha Venus Bhukti

On January 26, 2014, Bruno won another Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album. Within a week he played the coveted half-time slot at Super Bowl XLVIII, it was the most watched Super Bowl half-time show in history with over 115 million viewers.

My beautiful angelic grandmother used to say, “be careful what circles you start because one day you will have to greet them when they come back around.” Bruno Mars started his career doing Elvis impersonations, and by his Venus dasha he had landed 5 number-one hit-singles on the Billboard Hot 100, faster than any male since – you guessed it – Elvis Presley.

A few notable verses that highlight planetary positions of Bruno Mars:

Moon in 6th : Native will acquire fame by his own glorious deeds.
Mars in 7th Native will be engaged in business in  foreign lands.

Mercury in 9th Very patient, fond of music, full of glory, Religious minded ~ Brighu

Mercury in 9th Fortunate and a friend of everybody ~ Kalyana Varma

Mars Venus the native will get command over his society with meritorious effort ~ Harji

Person with ascendant in 10th will be famous like a King ~ Harji
 5th Lord in 9th The Native will be erudite, poet, proficient musician, honored by the King, Handsome, and a keen dramatist ~ Harji
 Saturn in 10th  Wealthy, learned, minister or head of village ~ Kalyana Varma
 Saturn in 10th Happy and powerful ~ Varamihira

 Saturn in 10th extremely clever, dexterous and wealthy

 Saturn in 10th king or minister to a king, extremely wealthy, famous, courageous ~ Mantreshwar 

 Saturn in 10th Native is rich, with affection for his servants or employees. In foreign countries he will be the guest of the soveriegn self reliance ~ Harji

Ketu in 9th Will earn a fortune through wicked persons and students, Native will brave through all sufferings ~ Harji

Venus in 7th House the native is skilled in many crafts, ~ Dhundiraj

Jupiter aspect on Moon in Cancer  Causes the native to have a seat of an official under the king, endowed with virtues, politics, happy and extremely vigorous ~ Dhundiraj

Sun in Virgo is sweet spoken, loves hearing songs and destroys the enemy with his own exceptional valor and vigor. ~ Dhundiraj

 Moon in Cancer has the knowledge and skill of the arts, is strong, of good conduct, loves fragrance and flowers, is fond of sporting in water, owns land, has excellent mind and understanding and acquires that thing which he strongly desires to get ~ Dhundiraj

Mars in Leo Conquers his enemies, is extremely industrious, courageous and has the knowledge of polity and non polity ~ Dhundiraj

Mercury in Libra is extravagant, knows craft ~ Dhundiraj

 Aquarius ascendant – liked by women folk, good manners and will be a favorite of the masses ~ Harji

 If 9th lord and Atmakaraka occupy 1,5, or 7th there is Raja Yoga. In his case, Venus is the 9th lord in the 7th.

If 10th lord joins 9th lord one will obtain a kingdom.


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