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Malala Yousafzai was born on a Saturday at the Mars hour, during a Moon major period and a Saturn sub-period. As the Moon occupies the 2nd sign of intelligence and education with the archetypical fighter Mars, and Saturn occupies the 8th sign of war and obstacles, The day Malala was born, the universe cast an impregnable mold of a young female warrior, who using a pen as her sword and a book as her shield, fights for the universal rights of freedom and education for oppressed children.

If in fact her birth time is correct; if she was born one minute earlier, which is often likely, then the sound of the first pada of the lagna degree is MA, which is in resonance to the name she is known by throughout the world — Malala.

Her ascendant lord the Sun, has gone to Gemini. In a Buddhist lineage of astrology, Gemini is ruled by Ishana and is the main karaka of knowledge. In Vedic theologies, Ishana as a form of Shiva represents sublime knowledge.

                                                     ~ Dundiraj ~
Sun in Gemini: A leading figure exceptionally wise in politics

                            ~ The Ravana Samhita translated by Anuj Bahl ~
 The Sun in the second pada of Punarvasu: The native gains high position in politics and social work.

                                                   ~ Mahadeva ~
 If the lord of the ascendant occupies the 2nd or 11th: The native will be a scholar of civil law.

1st lord in the 11th: Noble longlived, a learned king

It was during her Mars-Ketu dasha that the Taliban began setting up shop in the Swat Valley. As the lord of the 4th sign, Mars rules her homeland, and Ketu in the 7th is channeling a precariously placed 8th house Saturn (oppressive opposition).

For the remainder of her Mars dasha, the Taliban had instated a campaign of fear, terror and oppression in her region of Pakistan, complete with public beheadings, floggings and strict regulations that forbade women from shopping at markets or receiving an education. The last couple of years of her Mars maha dasha ushered in the First Battle of Swat Valley, a military offensive waged by the government of Pakistan to root-out Taliban militants.

Her father ran a chain of schools, which became an increasingly harrowing task to manage. The Taliban had blown up over a hundred schools in her region, and over the next few years would end up blowing up over 1500 schools in Pakistan, with over 400 schools destroyed in the immediate region of Malala’s home.

                                                   Rahu Dasha

One of the first things that catches our eye is the position of Rahu in her Ascendant. According to the classical astrologer Bhatt Narayana, Rahu in the first house will make one — The conqueror of enemies; makes the glory and influence of others an instrument to success; gains competence through the grace of others; gains honor and favor through educational endeavors.

Over the next several years, not only would Malala convert the Pakistan government into an instrument of her success, but would also sway governments and people all over the world, including the British. This verse also highlights how she would come to gain honor and favor through her educational endeavors to bring the universal access of education to all of the world’s disenfranchised children.

Rahu is in the sign of the Sun – Leo, and in the nakshatra of the Sun, so Rahu lends Malala a radical independence to the Sun’s already inherently independent nature.

Just a few months after her Rahu dasha began, At the ripe age of 11 years-old, Malala began a blog for the BBC chronicling what it was like to be a female child seeking education and knowledge under the brutally oppressive regime of the Taliban. Her blog instantly started drawing admirers from all over the world who sympathized with the plight of a young girl who faced severe penalties and even physical harm for publicly criticizing her oppressors.  Within a few months, her blog drew the attention of the New York Times and they sent a correspondent to film a documentary on Malala and the plight of education for girls in the Swat Valley.

Malala’s voice instantly set a riveting tone to the documentary, and almost immediately began rallying activists and sympathizers alike.

                                           Documentary of Malala 11-12 years-old                                                   ~ Rama Dayalu ~ 
When the 1st lord is in the 11th the native will be proficient in oratory endeavors.

                                                       ~ Mahadeva ~ 
 If the lord of the ascendant occupy the 2nd or 11th the native will be a scholar of civil law.

According to the Yavanajataka the second hora of Virgo is said to be: one as pale as moon beams who knows how to write … she is remembered.

The Moon occupying the second drekkana of Virgo becomes even more descriptive of Malala’s mission in life — unassailable in battle; travels to foreign countries; a talkative petitioner … her words are listened to … she is learned; striving on behalf of her people, she journeys to a foreign country.

We get even more confirmation when we analyze the navamsha the Moon is placed in — The native is a good speaker and has an intellect attracted to knowledge.

                                             ~ Hora Ratnam~
 The native with the Moon in Virgo will deliver  auspicious and sweet words.

                                             ~  Brhigu Sutras ~ 
 Moon in the second with a malefic will bring obstacles to education .

                                             ~ Mahadeva ~
Parivartana between 2 and 12: The native will dream of learning; a high level of education takes place in a foreign country.

During the last few months of Rahu-Rahu-Rahu the government signed a widely criticized cease fire allowing the Taliban to instate Sharia Law throughout the province in which Malala lived.


                                               ~ Mahadeva ~ 
If Jupiter and the lord of the 2nd occupy the 6th and 12th the native will pass through distress and feel penniless.

Within a couple of months of the onset of Malala’s pratyantar dasha of Jupiter in Rahu-Rahu, The Second Battle of Swat Valley began. To avoid the blood shed, Malala and her family were forced to close their school, separate and flee their home along with over a million other inhabitants of the Swat Valley.

    ”If you go anywhere even paradise, you will miss your home” ~ Malala

Soon after she turned 12, on the 24th of July, the family returned home after a 3 month exile. Before returning home, Malala was part of a handful of activist that were invited to confer with the United States special representative to Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrook. Showing maturity beyond her years she gave an impassioned plea to Richard Holbrook, "Respected ambassador, if you can help us in our education ... please help us".

Soon after she returned home after her brief exile, Malala and her father began receiving death threats on Taliban radio broadcasts for criticizing their archaic ideologies.

Her blog lasted only 3 months, and her documentary was barely over 30 minutes long, but her natural oratory lucidity and her uncanny maturity on advanced social issues coupled with some impressive planetary positions launched her to international fame as a champion for children's rights and education for girls.

                                              RAHU – JUPITER

Jupiter is Malala’s Atmakaraka, or her indicator of her soul’s calling. Jupiter represents children and knowledge, two of the key tenants of the platform she is fighting for. Jupiter is debilitated in the 6th house of enemies, yet it is also retrograde implying an intrinsic strength and weakness. As the fifth lord interacting intimately with the 10th lord, Jupiter takes part in raj yogas with Venus the 10th lord. Jupiter maintains an intimate connection (sambandhan) with the two primary planets that represent education – Venus and Mercury.

Moreover, Jupiter is taking part in a rare two-way Vipareet raj yoga by way of a parivartana with Saturn, indicating that a very troubling situation may lead to somewhat beneficial circumstances, especially since Jupiter receives aspects solely from benefics.

(note: Some authors like Kali Das consider a Vipareet Raj Yoga broken if it partakes in a non-participating sambandhan with other planets)

We can see that Jupiter has intimate connections, and is aspecting many planets in the chart; most importantly all the planets that have significations for education, the lords of the 2nd 4th, 5th, and 9th. The parivartana with Saturn is also interesting for according to Uttara Kalamrita Saturn represents students from an outside caste, or a student who is an outsider, which she currently is in the U.K..

As Jupiter is not only in the 6th from the ascendant, but also the 6th from the dasha lord in the ascendant, we get a double indication that an issue involving enemies may come to light in the dasha-bhukti of Rahu-Jupiter. Furthermore, since Jupiter is in Bhita avastha, Malala and family naturally became increasingly frightened, alarmed and timid.
                                                     ~ Saravali ~
 When a planet is in Bhita avastha, the native will be troubled by enemies even if he is a king with varied paraphernalia.

In 2012, as Malala’s fame and activism grew she received a growing number of death threats through Facebook. Overt threats were even published in the newspapers of Pakistan.

                                             ~ Mansagari ~
lord of 5th in the 6th: The native has many foes and will face defamation.

Jupiter in 6th:  Apprehensive of enemies.

On the other side of Jupiter's polarity, because it is 5th lord and in an opposition with all benefics without the aspect of malefics, for the first year of her Jupiter bhukti, Malala’s fame and recognition began growing. Malala was nominated for the international Children’s Peace Prize, and in December of 2011 she received Pakistan’s first National Youth Peace Prize awarded by Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Giliani.

  “We realize the importance of our voices only when we are silenced”

“When the whole world is silent, even one voice becomes powerful” ~ Malala

            “One year ago I left my home for school and never returned.” ~ Malala

The Assassination Attempt On Malala
                                       RAHU JUPITER MERCURY

If we subtract Mercury’s 13° 22’ from Rahu’s 29° 3’ we get 15° 41’ Though the minutes do not line up perfectly to the month and day it happened, The attack happened at age 15.

Mercury is in Ghora Shastiamsha which means: a horrible action, awful, violent, terrible, dreadful.
Saturn is in Kulaghna Shastiamsha which means: destroying a family, slaying a family
Jupiter is in Bhrashta Shastiamsha which means: ruined, broken down, vicious, depraved, rid of, fallen unchaste woman, vicious, fled or escaped from, decayed.
Rahu and Ketu are in Bhramana Shastiamsha which means: roaming about , falling into error, unsteadiness, erring, wandering.

                                      THE  TALE OF SHASTIAMSHAS
A depraved enemy tried to get rid of and ruin a young girl in a violent, vicious and dreadful manner, branding her as unchaste or fallen from the correct path, he perpetrated a horrible action causing her to flee and escape the area with an infectious decaying wound.

                                               ~ Mahadeva ~
Lord of 6th aspected by a malefic: Native will experience trouble through enemies.

lord of 6th in the 8th associated with malefic: Wound to the body.
 Moon associated with a Malefic: Develops trouble in the mouth.

If the lord of the 6th is in the 1st or 8th and associated with the Moon: The wound will be in the face or Mouth.

                                          ~ Bhatt Narayana ~
Mars in the 2nd associated with a malefic: The native gets wounds on right shoulder face or eyes; serious blood infection at the age of 9.

A debilitated Jupiter in the 6th is the hallmark for an ultra-conservative, religious fundamentalist as an enemy.

The assassins’ intention was to shoot her in the head, but the bullet entered the forehead and went down the left side of her face and severed a nerve which has affected her left eye, left ear, and muscles around the left mouth area. The bullet eventually lodged in the left shoulder.

                                                            MUST WATCH !!!

The Moon as lord of the 12th (left eye) is parivartana with Mercury lord of 2nd (face) and 11th (left ear, left shoulder). The Moon in this case is in the 2nd (face,) in a marakasthan conjunct badhakapati, while being aspected by 6th lord Saturn from the 8th house, and 8th lord from the 6th.

“If one man can destroy everything, why can't one girl change it?” ~ Malala

                                    BADHAKA and VANAISHIKA

The Vanaishika nakshatra is one of the many gems taught by C.S. Patel by way of the esteemed pundits of Saptarishi. The Vanaishika nakshatra tends to be quite a destructive nakshatra.

On the day of the shooting, her badhakapati was transiting through Jupiter’s Vanaishika star Anuradha. One can see that dasha lord Rahu and Mars were both transiting through Jupiter’s Vanaishika star. Moreover, in Rahu’s transit through Vanaishika star, Rahu is in almost perfect 90° angle to the minute of the ascendant at the time of her attempted assissination. The transit and the Vanaishika star happens to occur in her 4th house of home and vehicles; she was attacked while returning home in a vehicle.

As Badhaka rules the 4th and the 9th houses of education one can see that many  of her issues and troubles have arisen from the fight for education and the father’s business, which was running a school and championing the fight for education as an activist in their homeland. Saturn’s aspect as lord of the 6th in the 8th, has surely added to the indication that attaining the right to an education would become a long drawn out chronic issue with difficulties to overcome exacerbated by enemies of her humanitarian views.

As her 4th lord is ruled by the badhaka lord, one can see that she was in a vehicle coming from school ( 4th house ) when her attempted asassination took place. Her Bhadhaka is being aspected by Saturn lord of 6th and 7th (enemies, opponents) from the 8th house.

 Badhaka Mars is aspected by the 8th lord from the sixth, and the 6th lord from the 8th.

Planetary configurations are often a two-way street and rarely a one-way road. Going in one direction can be a car filled with devout pious worshipers going to feed the poor, while traveling the other direction may be a gang of thugs going to perpetrate a drive-by shooting which accidentally kills the innocent. Many planetary configurations are a two-way street and accommodate both factors on the same path. Of course, Kala, Desha, Patra and timing systems have a say in this.

Ironically, though this vicious attack occurred with influence from the Badhaka; since Badhaka lord Mars is also her rajyogakaraka conjunct the Moon and aspected by Jupiter, Malala was inundated with prayers and support, and her fame was catapulted to new heights.

On October 8th almost exactly a year after she had been shot, Malala published her first book "I am Malala." Jupiter as lord of the 5th sign aspected by Mercury lent itself to negative occurrences, but also supported her in the creation of literary works.

What is very interesting is the high level of support she obtained from the head leaders of several countries. An Amir of the UAE allowed a royal private jet retrofitted with a hospital to fly her to the U.K.. The U.K. gave her much support and welcomed her in to recuperate from her injuries and attend school. Canada gave her honorary citizenship, Pakistan’s leaders were driven to action, and the list of dignitaries who supported her goes on and on.

                                                  Malala with John Stewart

It is interesting to note the many planetary configurations which gave her this unparalleled level of support. In these verses “king” can be substituted by “governments”

                                      ~ Sukar Nadi ~
Mercury in 12th: Will be supported by kings.

                                     ~ Rama Dayalu ~
2nd in the 12th: Would live on the favor of the king.

                                      ~ Mansagari ~
Virgo as 2nd sign: Assets from the king

                                      ~ Bhatt Narayana ~
Jupiter in 6th: The native is destructive to his enemies; conqueror of his enemies; the strongest enemies cannot stand before her; a conqueror; trouble from enemies; during sickness the native is attended to kindly; gain through philanthropic endeavors, promoter of the community and ruinous to the enemy.

                                       ~ Yavana Jataka~
Moon-Mars conjunction: Fame in the battlefield, actions are heroic.
                    ~ Dundiraj ~
Sun in the 11th:  Has great interest in completing auspicious deeds; she has glory and honor; she is very rich and obtains profit from the king.

Venus aspect of Jupiter in Capricorn: Realizes her aspirations through the king.

Sun in Gemini: A leading figure exceptionally wise in politics.

Mercury in Cancer: A favorite of the king, goes to foreign regions.

Mars in Virgo: A chief in her society.

Mercury-Venus conjunction: Most excellent in her lineage; speaks beautifully; supports many others.

Jupiter in 6th: Victory over enemies.

Venus is posited in Krittika, Revati, Swati, Pushya or Ashwini: The native becomes a king.

                                ~ Hora Ratnam ~
Mars in Virgo: will be honored by virtuous men; straightforward.

A confounding letter to Malala from a Taliban militant.

“ Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world” ~ Malala

                    Nobel Peace Prize
                         Rahu Saturn

“With guns you can kill terrorists, with education you can kill terrorism.” ~ Malala

As we can see there are two planets that are at 17° – Mars and Moon. With the Moon transiting at a high latitude from Mars as well as the ecliptic, we can deduce that this may indicate that at the age of 17 a significant event involving the public may occur.
On October 10, at the age of 17, almost two years to the day from the day she was shot, and precisely one year from the day she published her first book, Malala became the youngest recipient in the history of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Though Mars is carrying quite a bit of luggage he is also the rajyogakaraka, and takes part in interesting yogas with Saturn. Saturn the Amatyakaraka, is also in a parivartana with the Atmakaraka, and is at the root of creating many Nica Bhanga Raja Yogas.                                   
                                                    ~ Parashara ~
If the 10 lord is associated or aspected by the dispositor of the Amatyakaraka, or even the Amatyakaraka itself, the native will be a chief in the king’s court.

If malefics occupy the 3rd and 6th houses from the Atmakaraka the native will become an army chief.

                                                  ~ Mantreshwar ~
If a planet is debilitated and the lord of the sign of its debilitation and that of its exaltation occupy kendras from each other mutually, the yoga will usher in a king who will become emperor and will be respected by all the other kings

If a planet is debilitated, and the lord of the sign or that of the planet’s exaltation sign occupy a kendra from the Moon or Lagna, the native will be no less than an emperor, endowed with vast riches and virtue, respected by other kings and mighty, famous and wealthy.

                                                  ~ Mansagari ~
Moon in 2nd: Renowned

Mars in 2nd: Resides in foreign countries

Mercury Venus conjunction: A diplomat who is an exponent of many arts.

3rd in 12th: Lives in foreign lands

10th in 12: Resides in foreign lands

Jupiter in debilitation: Though living abroad, they will uplift many others.

When Sagittarius is the 5th house: The native will be a vanguisher of enemies; indulge in social service, and be acclaimed by the king.

Taurus in 10 sign: Will undertake work endearing to scholars.

Gemini in 11th sign: Famous amongst the learned.

                                         ~   Mahadeva ~
If the 10th house and its lord be associated with benefics, the native shall get honor and respect from the public.

If Cancer is aspected by Venus or Jupiter, the native shall earn great name.

If the lord of the tenth is conjoined a benefic, the native shall become famous.

If the lords of the 8th and the 6th exchange houses...the native would not only be powerful but also mighty.

                                        ~ Bhatt Narayana ~
Jupiter in 6th: The native is destructive to his enemies. Conqueror of his enemies; the strongest enemies cannot stand before him; a conqueror; trouble from enemies; during sickness the native is attended to kindly; will gain through philanthropic endeavors; promoter of the community and ruinous to the enemy.

Mercury in the 12th: Native is a leader

                                         ~ Hora Ratnam ~
One having Saturn in Pisces: Will be the best amongst his kinsfolk and friends; He will be calm in disposition; highly honored; will perform religious sacrifices; and will set his mind on learning; arts; religious sacrifices.

Venus in Cancer: Scholarly; learned in Vedas and wisdom; will be an excellent person; soft in disposition.

Mars in Virgo: Will be honored by virtuous men; straightforward

                                              ~ Dundiraj~
Saturn in pisces: Famous in society; prompt in acts of benefit to others, and emits grandeur.

Though there are many combinations for Malala to enter into politics, I would personally advise her to stay out of politics. I do not see her deriving much happiness from politics, and her Jupiter and Saturn dashas still present dangers in those areas. The most profound happiness for Malala will come from simply running a humanitarian organization.

                                “If people were silent nothing would change.” 

“They can only shoot a body, but they cannot shoot my dreams, my dreams are living” ~ Malala

   **Many thanks to the esteemed pundits of Saptarishi for translating two texts used in these commentaries.

Disclaimer: The birth time used for this commentary was 8:15 am. As this piece was constructed during a vakra Buddha gochara and the sources to discover her time of birth time are scarce to me, the birth time may be incorrect.

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