Sunday, March 2, 2014


                BEWARE THE IDES OF MARS

The first week of March presents a rare combination of transits that are rarely seen in the sky. The first week of March will present four stationary planets, in a transition of changing directions.

Mercury slows to stop on February 27th, and goes direct on the 28th. Mars comes to a stop On February 28th, and commences retrograde on March 1st. Saturn becomes stationary on March 1st and begins retrogression on March 2nd. Jupiter begins to station and direct on March 5th.

The general themes ascribed to planets that are stationary in Vedic Astrology are affects that are crooked, bent, curved, curled, dishonest, perverse and fraudulent.

There is an old astrological maxim that many astrologers are leery of during times like these; when Saturn and Mars conjoin, there will be war.

On February 4th 2014, Mars entered into a conjunction with Saturn in Libra. Libra represents the 7th sign of the natural Zodiac. The seventh house rules civil and social unrest, and since Libra has been besieged by malefics, we have seen many festering oppressive regimes struggle against citizens seeking their birthright to freedom and democracy. Since Saturn joined Rahu in Libra on August 3rd 2012, we have seen tens of millions of brave individuals from Egypt, Tibet, Ukraine, Thailand, Venezuela and many other countries risk life and limb in an attempt to wrestle their freedom from the fetters of oppression. To make matters worse, Rahu, the North node of the Moon is in Libra as well, adding elements of disinformation, misinformation, spying, foreign meddling, foreign invasion, and a comprehensive obfuscation of truth.

The retrogression of Saturn and Mars represents wars and conflicts of the past that resurface to haunt the illusions of contrived past resolutions.

When Mars and Saturn retrogress; actions, aggressions, and conflicted patterns of our past resurface, to be realigned and transmuted into a more harmonious paradigm between the laws of dharma and our misattributed desires and projections. These themes will be prevalent in our romantic and business relationships, as well as our health and monetary routines.

 It is helpful to remember a couple of the tenants of Satyagraha in these times:
2.Economic Boycott

The world must fight to instill truth in legislation, documentation, and observe economic boycotts of these oppressive regimes, especially between the Ides of March (March13-15) and May 15.  Tornadoes and freak lightning storms will also be more potent than usual during this time.

On April 15th 2014, North America, South America, Australia, South and North Korea will be obscured by a malevolent total Lunar eclipse. During the lunar eclipse, the Moon, will be hemmed (papa-kartari) by a strong retrograde Mars on one side, and a super charged retrograde Saturn and Rahu on the other. Furthermore, Mercury will be debilitated, opposed and interlinked with Mars.

When Mars enters his retrograde cycle it represents a retro-aggression cycle in all of us. It spurs us to ask, what are we fighting? Where are we proactively putting our energy? What negativity or ignorance in ourselves and others are we attempting to combat? How do, and how can our choices and actions combat negative aspects of our compulsions and the world around us.

When Saturn enters his retrograde cycle it represents a retro-introgression. We are influenced to confront the internal constructs and routines that we have patterned from fear, and our reactive thoughts and beliefs.

Saturn retrograde allows us to reflect on how the scaffolding of our thoughts and beliefs builds the monuments to, and of our most deep-seated patterns. Saturn constantly attempts to confront our awareness to the templates that make us the proverbial old dog that cannot learn new tricks.

Patterns that do not concede to evolution cause universal retribution.

                                    LOKAH SAMASTAH SUKHINO BHAVANTU
                                           AUM PEACE, PEACE PEACE AUM

                                     "May all beings everywhere be safe, free and happy"

                                                STOTRAM FOR PEACE




                                       KUJA ASHTOTHARA
                    SHANI ASHTOTHARA