Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Venus-Neptune war 2012—When weak Muhurtas go Bad 

On January 13, the Costa Concordia became grounded off the Tuscany coast. It was an unimaginable error with tragic human loss of life.


Upon inspection of the ship’s departure time, it becomes apparent that the cruise line broke many rules when it comes to Muhurta (auspicious Inaugural timings).

At approximately 7:00 PM CET, the ship set sail north from Civitavecchia, and became grounded off the coast of the Isola de Giglio, which is Italian for “Gilligans Island".

The ship was supposed to cruise for seven days, but instead it turned into–a “three hour tour.”  
What catches our eye immediately is that we see Venus, in a water-linked sign; Aquarius, in the oceanic eighth house, in a planetary war with Neptune. Ironically, Neptune is named after the Roman god of the Sea. The cruise embarked from the port of Rome.

Now I know, I know–here we go again. Venus always wins right? But, is it possible that Venus lost a war to a planet not visible to the naked eye?
Ever since they fired Popeye, the service at Costa Cruiselines has been on a downward spiral.
Neptune seems to dissolve things it comes into contact with. The tight Neptune-Venus conjunction also points to the state of mind of the captain. The Moon was much too close to Mars in an opposition with Neptune-Venus in the eighth–the   captain's mind was preoccupied with the wrong vessel. The Moon, (mind) involved in a four-way opposition involving Mars-Venus and Neptune, indicated a heated-illusory-passion clouding the mind of the captain. Venus was dissolving into the primordial ocean of consciousness. This illusory, Neptunian distraction, led to the Venusian cruise ship to be dissolved into the primordial ocean. The Venusian feelings of relaxation and enjoyment experienced by the passengers, dissolved into Neptune-shock. Did Venus lose?

The strong passion combinations linked to the eighth would have prompted me to advise the captain not to eat clams, onions or garlic before the journey.

As for the captain, well, all I can say is that he makes captain Ahab look like a Jungian Zen priest.

The chart for the time of the accident, makes it all too obvious that this captain watched way too many episodes of the “Love Boat”.
The Ascendant, Mars and the Moon where placed within three degrees of each other in the sometimes euphoric star cluster of the Phalgunis. The symbol of the Phalgunis is a bed, another sign that this captain was asleep at the wheel because he wanted to bed a woman (Venus in seventh).

We look to the mid-heaven for leadership, but find a withdrawn debilitated Ketu. We look to the Sun for leadership, but find him fragmented, and sandhi at the Sag-Cap border. Thus, leadership lacked a solid foundation.

A scorpionic, exalted Rahu in the fourth, is being controlled by a double-pitta Mars–things unseen in the water that will “cut, attack” your vehicle unexpectedly.

The Vedic astrological chart of it’s embarkment, at first glance, looks like a typically good Muhurta for a sailing trip. One of the most basic rules for leaving by boat, is to set sail while the ascendant is in a watery sign or nakshatra. In this case the chart looks rather fitting, having both a watery ascendant rising (Cancer) and a watery nakshatra–Ashlesha.
Jai Hanuman Ki Jai
After ten years of exhaustive research, it has been determined that Popeye is indeed a descendant of Hanuman. A super strong vegetarian hero? Obvious genetic match. 

Here are just a few of the dozens of rules broken by the cruiseship when it  departed.

When the Sun lies to the back of Rahu and the Moon lies in front of him, the journey will be inauspicious and result in losses

When the Sun and the Moon are in the path of Moksha Nakshatras there will be many difficult obstacles in the journey
Being that the Moon occupied a southern nakshatra, rules of Parigha danda forbid northern travel.

Death will come to the person journeying if the Sun is Uttarayana and the Moon is Dakshinayana and the person goes North/East by night or South/West by Day.
If it must be, one may try to find the proper time to leave on a night journey to all directions except North.

Add in the fact that the lord of the northern direction is in the 6th house of accidents/injury at the onset of the journey.

 May Varuna lead the souls of all those lost, to the divine ocean of spirit.


Many thanks to my Western Astrology teacher Linda Rouda.

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