Monday, February 6, 2012


Full Moon in Pushya Nakshatra
On February 7, 2012, the full Moon will occur in the star cluster (nakshatra) of Pushyami. It will occupy Pushyami for several hours before entering Ashlesha later that evening.

The symbol of Pushyami is a cow’s udder, which supplies nourishment to all creatures in the form of milk.  When the Moon is in Pushyami, she channels the divine nectar, which enlivens the Earth with spiritual and material shakti; nourishing the Earth, plants and creatures for the year. The divine energy of the full Moon in Pushyami, seeds the Earth with a divine nectar that reinforces the growth of all creatures and plants for the coming year. This nourishing lunar amrit supports all of our material desires, but most importantly, it catalyzes growth and nourishment of knowledge and spirit. The divine energy of this nakshatra has within it the ability to synchronize, create and cultivate spiritual energy. Thus this evening is one of the holiest days of the year to perform puja, spiritual practice and the honoring of ones divinity.

One of the etymological roots of the word Pushyami is pushti; generally meaning nourishment, or nourishing. The presiding deity of this nakshatra is Brhaspati: the counselor of the gods, and the celestial Guru of us all. Brhaspati, supplies nourishment to the gods in the form of guidance, advice, counsel, and expertise in spiritual pursuits. Saturn is the planetary ruler of this star cluster. Saturn, provides nourishment by delineating the limits and boundaries of our memories, traditions and habits that stifle growth.

This is an extremely auspicious day, for not only does the Moon in Pushyami channel nourishment to the creatures and plants on Earth, but also provides divine sustenance to the gods.

 This evening, allow your mind and soul to be coated with the essence of nourishing sanctified Moonlight. Allow your subconscious to flood with the white divine light of the celestial Guru. Offer gentle moments to connect with your ishta devata, Guru, and the divine beings in the temple of your soul. The full Moon in Pushyami, is the celestial altar that provides the ambrosial incense, light and divine prasadam (offering) to connect to the Devas, now all you have to do… is provide the heart.

Om Brhaspati Namah
Om Narendra Desai Namah