Wednesday, January 18, 2012

         Jupiter-Saturn opposition 2012
The Earth enters the gates of 2012, greeted by two of the great sages of the sky–Saturn and Jupiter. They lie on opposite ends of a billion and a half mile-wide expanse, drifting in a slow eccentric opposition.

Jupiter-Saturn interlinks can be quite volatile. From the Arab spring to the Occupy Wall Street movement, the Jupiter-Saturn opposition has been one of the top three astrological combinations catalyzing mass protest around the globe.

 We find very few hints that indicate the effects of Saturn-Jupiter interlinks in shastra. A couple of shlokas attributed to Parashara that reflect the protests of the last two years are: “The subjects will be highly displeased” and “the palaces (government buildings) will be overrun.”  Though these passages are specifically to be applied to their placement in  Krittika and Vishakha, it is one of the few writings I could find that mention the affects of their opposition.                                                

How bad can a Jupiter-Saturn interlink get? Well, last time they came together in 2000-2001, the presidency of the United States was ambushed, some funky court did fuzzy math, and Bush became president–that’s kinda bad.

There is a kinetic interplay of energies that push and pull when Saturn and Jupiter interlink. This is primarily because Jupiter’s nature is inherently expansive, while Saturn's is innately contractive.

Jupiter- Saturn interlinks unveil perspectives to gauge the borders of expansion and contraction in our life. How is my relationship to my career? Should I expand or contract it? What is my relationship to my loved-ones? What aspects of my relationship with them do I need to expand? What facets do I need to contract? Most importantly, what are my relationships to my thoughts and engrained habits, how should I expand or contract them? Jupiter-Saturn oppositions create an opportune time to objectively view and augment the boundaries of all aspects of your life. It is an opportune period to hone our skills at identifying the proper attitudes of liberality or conservativeness that we must constantly weigh in the judgements of our manifold interactions.

“If we do not accurately define our boundaries, then we cannot clearly contrast or identify the different meanings signified between the various objects or people that drift in or outside of those undefined boundaries”- tzitzilxa

Jupiter and Saturn began a lengthy opposition in 2010. Saturn and Jupiter interlinks primarily occur when Jupiter and Saturn are either conjunct or opposing. These “connections “ that Jupiter and Saturn form occur approximately 1 to 2 times every 10 years.

 The last time Saturn and Jupiter where interlinked was 2000-2001. Their conjunction lasted for several months and spanned two signs. In May of 2010, Jupiter and Saturn began engaging; off-and-on, intermingling across the span of 4 zodiacal signs over the course of the last two years.

 The next time Saturn and Jupiter interlink it will be in 2019. They will mingle on and off for two years affecting two signs. Interlinks can happen other ways, but those combos happen even less frequently than the previously mentioned two forms of intimacy.

Jupiter in Aries, is kind of like Santa clause. Saturn in Libra, is kind of like Gandalf.

Jupiter in Aries indicates an expansion of Adyatmika–seeds of self expression, while Saturn in Libra indicates a controlled expansion, or contraction of Adibautika- what drives others to act and express. Their opposition on the Aries-Libra axis indicates a terse dynamic between personal freedoms, and the laws imposed by others. Thus, the boundaries that dictate personal liberties and birth-rights have exploded into a world-wide issue needing immediate legislative attention. The opposition of Saturn and Jupiter in these signs indicates a form of zodiacal naisargika dig bala. Only when Jupiter is in Aries, and Saturn is in Libra can this occur. Maybe this is one of the reasons why the sage chose the Krittika/Vishaka axis to highlight themes of their opposition.

Luckily, it is a nandana year of Jupiter; which helps to counteract, to some degree, many of the negative combinations that occur in 2012 with the golden grace, hope and guidance of the guru.

 Devanam cha rsinam cha guru kanchana shanibam
 Buddhibutam Trilokesham tam namami brihaspatim

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