Wednesday, November 23, 2011

                    A Diamond in the Rough
                               Saturn in the palace of the Jewel

On September 20, 2011 Saturn entered the lunar mansion of Chitra. His journey through Chitra will accompany historic change, progress and transformation through the year 2012.

The star that is the nexus of Chitra, was acknowledge by several cultures on many continents to be of paramount importance. In modern times the conspicuous gleaming star of Chitra nakshatra is commonly called "Spica."

Saturn’s transit through the nakshatra Chitra catalyzes a deeper reflection of how we have constructed the world around us. It polishes the internal mirror that reflects how our thoughts, actions and reactions have concretized into a physical reality we can see reflected in the world around us. It summons our objective mind to revisit the blue prints we have drawn that reflect our aspirations to harmonize the architecture of our lives.

Saturn’s transit through Chitra elicits an accounting of how we have designed the framework of our life. From the creations of our social circles, formation of our outward persona, to the structure of our living arrangements, and the environment that we have created in our immediate surroundings. Saturn’s transit through Chitra subconsciously interrogates our subjective enthrallments to allow a sobering reflection of what you have created in this life. How have you framed your world? And more importantly, what is it that you painted in the first place to constrict within the boundaries of that frame?

It is written that the Egyptians, who had temples attributed to have been built to Spica, counseled the Greeks to worship Spica as a remedy to resolve shortages of wheat and grain. The Arabs, Greeks, Egyptians and many other cultures held Spica in high esteem including religious and ritual ceremonies dedicated to Chitra.
 When we take a crooked path in our lives, Saturn attempts to reveal to us the passage that is more aligned to universal dharmic principles. The path of least resistance in the case of Saturn is the trail of persistence in integrity. Resisting the subtle yet often painful lessons that Saturn attempts to convey is to exacerbate the disjointed views and actions that fuel the downward spiral in evolution that we sometimes feel ourselves to be in.

Saturn’s transit through Chitra, also spurs one to reflect on excesses and how to curb them, or eliminate them altogether. Impulses to reflect challenging or unresolved personal issues with a psychologist or spiritual guide are also provoked by Saturn’s transit through the palace of the Jewel.
              On November 15 2011, Saturn enters Libra.
As Saturn transits from the Virgo portion of Chitra to the Libra portion there arises a focus on how we have drawn the blueprints of our life, but the themes switch from a reflection of how we have built the interactions to our ancestral lineage, arts, health routines, home, property, and diet, to how we have constructed the mechanism which responds to our connections in the world – our deals settlements contracts, business and social and romantic interactions.

Saturn’s journey through the Virgo portion of Chitra may focus on the more mercurial aspects of this concept such as written works, books, old leases needing renewal, old contracts, renovations, old art and construction projects needing completion.

Saturn’s transit through the Libra portion of this star cluster would likely be linked to new contracts, new designs, new projects and a new found transparency on the fractured nature of our relationships and contracts, both personal and business.

 On June 24, 2012 the mighty Saturn stations. In a stunning astronomical phenomenon, Saturn will appear to hover over the great jewel Spica for five days. Saturn will station, burning a hole at 28 degrees and 43 minutes of Virgo – just one degree from Spica. This causes major delays and reassessments of many construction projects, as well as art and writing projects.

On August 4 2012, Saturn heads across the threshold of Libra once again, blazing a new trail. But there is one caveat that accompanies this re-ingress into Libra. Major projects that have been started within the last year will see major delays, so make sure you give Shani some time and space to point out your shortcomings and overlooked details.

Unfortunately, Mars will enter Virgo to spar with Saturn for several weeks until they join to create a stunning spectacle in the mid-summer sky. On August 14, 2012, Mars and Saturn will conjunct in a beautiful alignment with Spica. The apparent magnitude of Mars, Saturn and Spica will be near equal, giving the conjunction the appearance of identical triplets in the sky, lined up equidistant to each other. Unfortunately, It appears that for many northern latitudes the explosive conjunction will not be visible. This potent conjunction will mar the latter half of August 2012, causing violent border disputes and terrorist attacks to monuments and art installations.

One theme that occurs when Saturn transits Chitra is the big-ego-smackdown.
There is a huge shift, or make–over that occurs. You are forced to confront aspects of your behavior that are overbearing to those around you. There is also the strong possibility that you have moved or thought of moving, experienced a shift in career, renovated, had to repair your surroundings, or have had a makeover; In fashion, make up, or career. It seems to spur one to adopt a new hairstyle, or cutting of the hair that changes your appearance. These themes have probably been introduced into your life to some degree since September 20 2011.

Saturn’s transit through Chitra spurs one to reflect on completion, from construction projects to art and music projects. A delay will occur in one of these fields.

When Saturn transits through Chitra there is danger to artist, writers and women.  Many scandals both government and social will orbit around writers and artists, and major persecutions will arise from political writings.

Oil and mineral mining are very active and profitable during Saturn’s transit through Chitra and Swati, but many hazards including severe destruction to the environment is indicated. Ironically, Saturn’s transit through Chitra also influences the initiation and building of environmentally friendly villages and cities.

Destruction of historic artifacts, monuments and artistic works of art overshadow this transit of Saturn through the lunar mansion Chitra.

Saturn’s transit through Libra causes intense windstorms throughout its roughly two and half year journey through Libra.

On October 11 of 2012, Saturn will spend his last day in the domain of Chitra. The great King of Dharma will not bask in the shimmering rays of the jewel Spica for another 
29 years.

Om Praam Preem Praum saha Shanaishcharya Namaha

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