Thursday, November 17, 2011

                          The Scorpion's Shadow
                 Partial Solar Eclipse November 25 2011

The partial solar eclipse that occurs on November 25 may appear to be benign because its shadows do not make significant landfall in key places of the world, but due to the nature of the planets involved, I believe it to be a volatile eclipse with wide reaching effects. The eclipse occurs in the sign of the shady enigmas – Scorpio. The Sun, is obscured in the star cluster of Anuradha by a voracious Rahu in Jyestha. The Moon is debilitated and virtually hemmed. Mars throws a fiery aspect on Sun, Moon, and Rahu destabilizing this eclipse yet further as it creates a key link with the eclipse in Scorpio. Lastly, the eclipse is not aspected by any benifics. One incredible feature to this eclipse is that the capricious pundit Mercury stations just three degrees away from Rahu.

Though steeped in a shadowy stasis, old secrets will emerge through the inertia of the tombs in which they have been laid – chasing the light of truth. This eclipse allows a reflection of the lies we have told others, and most importantly, the lies we have convinced ourselves to believe. Psychotherapy involving Jungian shadow theories are in synch with the tides of solar currents that ripple forth from this fractured Sun.

Buried messages meant only for our ghost to find, will resurrect themselves, haunting the original locations of their falsehoods, revisiting their rights for a proper burial in a proper place.

For the next year obscure corporate, governmental and military deceptions will strive to see the light of day. The truth of these many deceptions will slowly leak out like 40 year-old nuclear waste oozes out of a flimsy 50-gallon oil drum. Corporate scandals and deceptions in international trade will dominate headlines for the next year and half.

Sexual scandals will emerge involving transgender, transsexual and homosexual individuals and issues.

Starting with this eclipse, and for the next year and a half, ministers and diplomats must be weary of kidnapping, injury, or death while on their diplomatic missions.

This eclipse creates a major stall in negotiations, diplomatic talks, and government related documents attempting to pass some muster.

Mercury placed in this location also represents a break down of communication between diplomats of at least two pairs of countries resulting in verbal and informal threats between nations.

This eclipse is also challenging to veterans mentally and physically.

Musicians that play, or construct xylophones, hang, steel drum, Balinese temple bells, gongs, and Tibetan bowls should avoid caves, ferries, locations that lack auspicious light, dangerous treks or sailing trips for the next year. Though challenging for many artist and writers, the eclipse will be a transformative circumstance for them as well, spurring a shift or growth in their art form through experimentations of foreign paradigms within their field.

This eclipse is very debilitating to the remote tribes of the Amazon jungle. It is also one of many eclipses in the last decade that indicate deforestation and destruction to trees.

Expect a volcanic eruption, and earthquakes In Indonesia, Papa New Guinea, Australia, Chile, Italy or Argentina.

This eclipse spurs the formation of a destructive cyclone in the last week of November. Lightning storms will also be prevalent during the latter part of November to mid-December. Southern Africa, Argentina, Chile and Australia will be hit by intense lightning storms.

You can expect total mayhem out of Italy, Central Africa, Southern Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan and especially Kashmir. Chile and Argentina will see its share of political unrest as well.
These combinations are brutal for the animals of Kashmir, and the Afghan-Pakistan borders with Iran. Forest animals begin a dark new struggle for the next two years that will coincide with a serious threat to the stabilities of many eco systems and habitats.

Indonesia, Papa New Guinea, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Chile and Argentina will see political travails with major tensions and changes surrounding shifts in leadership.
 Though this eclipse is not a prosperity dissolving eclipse, the precarious position of stationary Mercury, three degrees from macho-man Rahu, indicates adverse effects to currencies, treaties, and economic policies. This aspect of the eclipse represents a brief, yet steep economic correction fueled by inflationary factors (especially food related) and murky economic policies. It also foreshadows the trade war I foresee occurring in 2012.

                       Om Hraam Saha Suryaye Namaha
                     Om Ram Ramaya Namaha