Saturday, October 26, 2013

Mercury Rahutrograde

                                 MERCURY RAHUTROGRADE
Shadow Art by Kumi Yamashita

As Mercury retrograces,
check the words on their faces
that lead you into the mazes
where old contracts turned to chases
to re-capture the dreams
from the shadows of relations
eclipsed by a Moon
and planets that station
turn backwards to
turn back words
to release the fire
to extinguish the blazes
so the words that were planted
turn from time into places
By now you have all heard of the soon to be solar eclipse on Nov 3. To recap, Mercury will be retrograde in Libra along with a debilitated Sun, a potent exalted Saturn, a ghost Moon and a rampaging Rahu. To make the matter much trickier, an almost stationary Jupiter is deeply interlinked with Mercury. This makes the aspect of Jupiter act like an aspect of Mercury retrograde.
Solar Eclipse November 3, 2013

Shadow Art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Time is the shadow of light
light is the shadow of God

Made of light, yet sculpted from darkness,
the body is the shadow of the soul

Form is the shadow of the mind
that creates the words that cast it               

Thoughts are a shadow of what is spoken
words a shadow of our thoughts
Form is birthed from these two parents                                        

The fruits of our future actions are the
shadows of the words we plant today

Expiration of breath is the
shadow of the inhalation of light

Health is the shadow of Yoga

Attachment is the shadow of desire
suffering is the shadow of attachment

True knowledge is the shadow of the Guru

Karma is the shadow of the past,
Dharma is the shadow of the future

Total annihilation is the
shadow of corporate greed

Fruit is the shadow of the seed

Contentment is the shadow of gratitude

The shadows of the past
Are the objects of the future
Cast by the light of the present

Everything is a shadow of Om

Love is the shadow of Creation

Dreams are the shadow of reality
Reality is the shadow of dreams

All of Mankind is a shadow of
the Earth, the Trees and the Rain

Emptiness is the shadow of form
Form is the shadow of emptiness

Habits are the shadows of repetition

Eternity is the shadow of Now
Here lies the shadow of eternity

Ghosts are the shadows of shadows

The soul will not be televised,
but your shadow will.

Shadow Art by Shigeo Fukuda

Shadows sleep in wombs of light born of day yet slayed by night. Shadows are echoes of light, ripples off the drops of stars, melodic remnants of form and creation. 
What Rahu does with light during a Solar eclipse

The Solar eclipse on November 3, is being caused by Rahu, the North Node of the Moon. 

Rahu is a planet who does not wish to follow the status quo. For Rahu, order is derived from chaos. The severed head of the shadow is not merely combatitive towards the light, but he has a profound creed in which to refute the dominance that the Sun and Moon have in our lives.

Rahu wishes to exercise his retrolutionary right to assert that it is not darkness that is born of light, but it is light that is born from darkness. It is not darkness that is a shadow of light, but it is light that is the shadow of darkness. Rahu argues that light is merely seen as a reflection of form, but darkness is seen as a projection from form. So, it must surely be the case that the immense darkness of space must be the shadow of some unfathomable giant form, to which whom, Rahu is related.

We are the shadows of our ancestors; tethered by that light, we have an obligation to them for our creation; and through our oblations to them, they in a sense, lie in our shadows as well.

We are the fish caught in the nets cast by our ancestors, but through our actions, we entangle, or nourish them in the webs we cast as well.

In this stream, some lineages hold that Rahu represents the paternal grandfather.

This may be because we are once removed from our grandparents, and the shadow is once removed from the light.

Rahu may act as a bridge to cross the severed routes of our psyche; to recover the akashic hard-drive that has slithered through the cracks of time, or the times we cracked; to visit sacred places, or to confront prejudices about foreigners or foreign concepts that are really the shadows of our ignorance eclipsed by fear, or the shadows of our fears eclipsed by ignorance.
Shadow Art by Tim Noble & Sue Webster

Rahu creates a necessary, yet often abstract intimacy with objects and relations that appear foreign, but are critical for our transformation and  evolution.

Shigeo Fukuda
Tim Noble & Sue Webster
Fred Eedekens
Kumi Yamashita