Sunday, September 15, 2013

Riddles of the Rahu and Saturn Conjunction

          Riddles of the Rahu and Saturn Conjunction

 With Saturn, events manifest through the observance of rules
With Rahu, events manifest through the breaking of rules

From Rahu, manifestation is through chaos.
With Saturn, chaos happens through an attempt to manifest

With Saturn, things manifest through diplomacy and democracy
With Rahu, they manifest through revolution

The branches of Saturn grow in the light.
The branches of Rahu grow in the dark.

With Saturn, desires manifest through relation to light
With Rahu, they occur through relation to shadow

With Saturn, obstacles become apparent through inertia and blunt force
With Rahu, it is illusory, expedient, and you may not see or feel what strikes you

With Rahu, a thousand mile journey begins before the first step
With Saturn, a thousand mile journey begins after a thousand miles

With Rahu, the actions of an instant, can have life-long effects
With Saturn, life-long observances may take ages for a desired instance

With Saturn, the message lies in your habits and actions
With Rahu, the message lies to your actions of habit

With Saturn, you need not leave your village to understand the whole world
With Rahu, you need to leave your village to understand the whole world

With Saturn, there is freedom through limits because of limits to freedom
With Rahu there is limits to freedom caused by the apparent freedom to break limits

With Rahu, things may manifest in an instant, or when you least expect
With Saturn, it may take between 3 years, or a whole lifetime to manifest

With Saturn, structure drives repetition to the desired goal
With Rahu, chaos and spontaneity drives repetition to the desired goal

With Rahu, Change is atmospheric
With Saturn, Change is terrestrial

With Saturn, Change is through the Parampara, the Sampradaya
With Rahu, change is thru breaking with tradition, through neo eclecticism

With Saturn, change is though strict Tapas
With Rahu, its through Shamanism, Soma, and transcendental exaltation

With Saturn, the costume does not change
With Rahu, you may not notice that the costume is always changing

Rahu, is darkness, related to Dark Matter, and the Uncertainty Principle
Saturn is the light, and related to matter and the principles that are fairly certain

With Rahu the food contains hidden poison, chemicals or GMO engineering
With Saturn, the food is fermented, old, moldy, or spoiled

With Saturn, a thousand mile journey begins with one step
With Rahu, a thousand mile journey is over in one step

With Saturn, it is the deepest part of the mind
With Rahu, it is deepest part of desire

Saturn, conspires to diminish what is false
Rahu, conspires to hide what is truth

Rahu, causes suffering from what is brought into light
Saturn, causes suffering from what is led into the dark

Saturn, is the speed of light  E=MC2
The speed of dark –Rahu is faster, the speed of shadow Zphi∆=Mc2/E  || Z=Rahu

With Saturn, to serve is to be the master
With Rahu trying to be the master, one becomes the servant

Rahu, seeks eternity in an instant
For Saturn, an instant can be dissected eternally

With Saturn, what is true may appear false
With Rahu, what is false may appear true

With Rahu, the poison is nectar
With Saturn, the nectar is poison



  1. But when Rahu conjuncts Saturn it becomes like Saturn.

  2. Nice blog, Thanks for sharing nice post. Now anyone person can know condition of rahu at zodiac sign with help of astrology specialist for better future.

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