Friday, December 21, 2012


            2012 THE GALACTIC ECLIPSE
The Sun meets the Galactic Center on the Winter Solstice 2012 

 A Man who has broken his vows, should worship Nirruti at night, where four roads meet. –Agnimahapuranam

The galactic eclipse, occurs only once in approximately 25,677 years. The rare alignment occurs when the highest principle of the divine masculine – the Sun, conjoins the highest principle of the divine feminine – the Galactic Center, at the intersection of the ecliptic and the galactic plane, coinciding with the winter solstice.
                                                       Prayer to the Galactic Center
The Ecliptic Crosses the Galactic plane 
  The galactic plane is the divine feminine path. It’s intersection with the divine masculine path – the ecliptic, creates fertile ground for planting. When the Sun conjoins the galactic center at this point, on the day of the winter solstice, the divine masculine and feminine come to union, this spectrum is delivered to the Earth through newly consecrated light, and life begins. This is the seed of creation and the root cause of life throughout the galaxy.

To illustrate how rare it is for the Sun to conjoin the Galactic Center during the winter solstice, I have arranged the following diagrams to illustrate the position of nirayana Sun during the winter solstice over a period of over 7000 years.

Winter solstice 3150 BC the era of Krishna
Winter solstice 44 AD
Winter solstice 499 AD
Winter solstice 1492AD
Winter solstice 1776 AD

Winter solstice 2012 AD
Winter solstice 3000 AD
Winter solstice 4000 AD
            As you can see, according to the prevailing "full circle" sidereal theory, it will take approximately 25,625- years for the alignment to repeat.

               2012 THE HOLY CROSS
The Sun and Galactic Center form the Sacred Cross.
 The galactic cross is the holy cross. It is the cross that is formed from the interaction of the Galactic Center and the Sun. One of the ancient esoteric meanings of the holy cross was to point out the intersection of a feminine path with a masculine one. Thus, the cross was a symbol of the union of the divine feminine and masculine which created all life on Earth.

              2012 KAMA DARPANA
  All creatures on earth, mirror the divine convergence with the galactic eclipse. This is why all creatures must intersect to engage in copulation. Mula means root, and anatomically, it is quite near the reproductive organs. We have all come from the celestial yoni, Mula, the Galactic Center. This is why most creatures join near their Mula when they mate, because they mirror the similar dynamic which created them. When all creatures create new life, they must mirror the intersection of the Sun with the galactic center, the ecliptic with the galactic plane – the Grand Union.

            2012 THE GRANDMOTHER
 The galactic center was known to be our grandmother. She is the center and cause of our creation. These hints can be found in one of her ancient names – Mula Barhani: a spreading of the divine feminine from the root. One of her other names is even more elusive – Vicritau, often translated as the “two releasers.” This also hints of some energy being released by the Galactic Center.
She represents the primordial life that springs from water and the divine ocean. This can be inferred by one of the names of her domain: the Milky Way – Akasha Ganga – The divine river of the Sky.

The Galactic Center is the Grandmother. The Sun is the Father. The Earth and Moon share the role of Mother and the Tree is the eldest. The tree is Jyestha; Indra, the one who sees us through. All creatures reflect this cosmic dynamic. This is why so many families of creatures form tribes, because they mirror this celestial dance – after billions of years, The Sun, Moon, trees, and Galactic Center only live to align with their family members over and over again.

The Celestial Family,
·      On December 21st 2012 the Sun aligns with the Grand mother.
·      13 days later the earth is at perihelion with the Sun – the father.
·      13X13 days later the Moon is closest to the Earth(perigee) – the mother.

As you can see, all members of the celestial family align in multiples of 13 throughout 2012.
Photo by lrargerich
Actually, 2012 has nothing to do with us. The evolution of humans does not trump the universal imperative of the evolution of the celestial family. We humans, are far from the equation. Human evolution, has already met us thousands of years ago. What is more important, is, what will the bear evolve into in a billion years? What will the eagle, fox, cat, dog, frog, dolphin, whale evolve into in a billion years? The evolution of these creatures is more important than our own. Most important, how will the plants and trees that give all these creatures life evolve? What is their evolution?
Human evolution has nothing to do with IPAD version 300 or any super computer. Evolution is always at hand through the plant kingdom, and through the ways of our forefathers. Our extinction will always tread hand in hand with technology and ignorance, but our evolution will always stroll hand in hand with the plants and trees.
Trees consecrate the hallowed ground. Trees sanctify the Earth and sky, but most importantly, trees consecrate humans and all life forms on Earth.

The farther you get from nature, the farther you get from your true self. Technology can never replace the ascension catalyst of nature, and most importantly, it will never help with our spiritual enlightenment.

                   2012 PITRIS DARPANA
 During the last year, and into the next you should experience many issues with ancestors and family members. There should be a higher than normal incidence of interaction with your family members, and a higher incidence of being confronted with their issues. Health and well being of family members seems to take a more critical view during these years. Our ties to our ancestors will call us in subtle ways.

Many creatures of different species, will more than usual, feel an impulse to mother/grandmother the young of other species.  This is why creatures of every kind are imbued with the mothering instinct, because of the divine feminine that emanates forth from the Galactic Center and permeates our galaxy.
               2012 TIME WAVE ZERO

 Many Mayan pundits, appear to agree that 2012 marks the end of the fourth Long Count, and the beginning of the fifth, and last Long Count(5,125-years) cycle. According to the Taoist Long Count system, 2012 takes us to the “zero point,” and all calculations are started again for the next approximately 25,625-year cycle after the New Year. The Chinese New Year occurs 4 X 13  days after the galactic eclipse on February 10, 2013. 

After 5,000 years of Kali Yuga...there will be 10,000 years of a Golden Age-Brahma-Vaivarta Purana

                         Kali Yuga began in 3102 BC, so we have passed 5,000 years of Kali Yuga.   

The Yang Sze river dolpin is now said to be extinct :(
 25,625 years ago, when the Sun last aligned with the Galactic Center, there walked at least one other species of man – Homo Neaderthalensis. As the last galactic eclipse was forming the Neanderthals walked steadily into extinction. It was probably the last species left, of the genus homo, that existed besides modern man. Since the beginning of the last cycle over 25,000 years ago, we have seen an acceleration in the number of species becoming extinct.

252 million years ago The Permian-Triassic extinction event. 90-95% of all life in the oceans and up to 70% of all life on land died. Up to 90% of all species on Earth became extinct. It was the greatest extinction event in the Earth’s history. Global warming coupled with acid rain, the dying off of ocean coral and a major spike in carbon dioxide seem to be the main culprits that led to this extinction event. We are mirroring the factors that led to this great extinction event today.

530 million years ago The Cambrian explosion. The Cambrian explosion was the rapid appearance of most major animal phyla. It was the greatest period of growth and diversity the Earth has ever seen.

As you can see, when we look through history at multiples of 25,625 years we find both extinction and creation events. This mirrors the Galactic Center, which simultaneously absorbs stars as well as creates them – the nexus of creation and destruction.

Habitat loss and degradation affect 86% of all threatened birds, 86% of mammals and 88% of threatened amphibians.

                          2012 EGYPT

The beginning of Aries on December 21, 2012 falls in Egypt. This is very concerning, for Mars and Saturn, with immense strength, lend healthy aspects to Aries on the winter solstice. Aries also falls within Israel. This points to a high degree of military activity, and an expansion of the military industrial complex within the Middle East. I am very concerned for what this means for the country, its antiquities, and for the innocent peoples of Egypt and Israel.

                  2012 WHAT THE 
                     Farming is blessed, farming is sacred…
                                        Sage Parashara
We cannot fathom gods plans, but one thing is certain, the Galactic Center only wishes to absorb the reflected light of the Earth – the reflected light of trees. The green reflected light of trees is the only thing the Galactic Center wants. She wishes to experience her grand children. When the Galactic Center gives birth to a daughter – the Earth, she can only experience the fulfillment of union with her daughter when her daughter has children – the trees. The trees reflect their light to the Sun and the Sun transmits this gift back to the Great Mother. The Galactic Center is not waiting for humans to pull up 2 light years away from the Galactic Center with our newest iPhones, in the U.S.S. Enterprise to show off our technological prowess. The Galactic Center is happy only when she receives the green light of trees. This is the rarest element in the universe.

               The Science of plants and trees is our only way out.

Plants for fuel – By harnessing high biomass cellulose plants, we can quickly reverse carbon dioxide emissions, provide clean, sustainable fuel, and creates millions of jobs.

Plants for plastic – By harnessing high biomass cellulose plants, we can extend and proliferate the process of making biodegradable plastics, and end the use of hydrocarbons.
Plants for medicine – By harnessing ancient text and classical medicine from around the globe, a new standard of medicine production can lead to millions of jobs growing thousands of medicinal and difficult to acquire plants.
Plants for pleasure – By sharing the countless different strains and species of plants around the globe, we can end this monoculture disease that plagues farming, and explore a diversity of foods and spices beyond any of our wildest imaginations. Whatever you know about vanilla, chocolate, cardamom, sugar, mangoes, strawberries, apples, ginger, kale, cinnamon, cloves, pepper, turmeric, bananas, coffee, pumpkins, guarana, mate, green tea, tulsi, oranges and all the other plants you may know, is equivalent to a drop of water compared to the river of diversity that awaits our awareness. A heaven on Earth awaits us, as we rediscover tens of thousands of plants in the coming cycle.

                                                  The Earth is God, 
                                                Nature is the Church, 
                                          and the Trees are our priest.

                                                      Om Nirritaye Namah
                                                       Prayer to the Galactic Center


  Think about your last year. There must have been really intense family issues that came up. Ancestral issues must have been prominent in some way. There may have been some info about your ancestors that you did not know that came to light. There may be a family member that you have not seen in some time that you feel you must contact. Ancestral issues, become substantially triggered by a Galactic Eclipse.
 Look to where the Galactic center falls in your natal chart.


  Capricorn Rising: The Galactic Center falls in the 12th house so you may have traveled to a foreign country, or spent time in pilgrimage or convalescing.
  Gemini Rising: The G.C. falls in the seventh house, so you may have had an eventful year in the arena of partnerships, lovers, father’s social circles, mother’s car etc.

You get the Idea. Look to see how the strongest gravitational pull in our Universe is affecting you this Year. 

After 5,000 years of Kali Yuga...there will be 10,000 years of a Golden Age-Brahma-Vaivarta Purana

                         Kali Yuga began in 3102 BC, so we have passed 5,000 years of Kali Yuga.