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               The Top Ten 2012 Predictions 
                       That Came True.                                                                                                                    
Predictions for 2011-2012 recorded in The book:The Day of No Time

1.   New York and Virginia must be careful of a destructive hurricane –  Page 138.

·      On October 29, 2012, hurricane Sandy carved a path of destruction from Virginia to New York. Initial reports put the cost of the damage well beyond $50 Billion dollars.
·      On August 27, 2011, hurricane Irene blazed a $19 billion dollar path of destruction from Virginia to New York.
·       Strong wind gust throughout 2012 and 2013 –  Page 138.

 2.  There may be a nuclear accident in China, Europe, or Venezuela perhaps resulting from an earthquake – Page 134.

·      A Tsunami, generated from a quake, will occur in California, China, or Japan and in Chile, Indonesia, or Thailand Page 131. (All of the regions were affected by the tsunami alert and subsequent tsunamis, though the ones that reached western North America caused minor damage).
·      Though it was off geographically, the prediction and the event were unprecedented.
·      On March 11, 2011 a tsunami generated from a quake off the coast of Japan, caused the biggest nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

3.   A luxury cruise ship or large ferry will sink – Page 138.

·      On Jan 13, 2012 a large luxury cruise ship carrying more than 4,000 people sank off the coast of Tuscany. 

4.   There will be an escalation of U. S military involvement on the African continent – Page 31.

·      With the 2012 assassination of an ambassador in Lybia, operation Odyssey Dawn to remove Quaddafi in Libya in 2011, the downfall of Mubarak, genocide in Syria, drone strikes in Somalia and combat troops sent in as advisors in Uganda and Nigeria, U.S. military involvement in Africa has increased ten-fold.

5.    There will be a world economic crisis – Page 133.

·      With the possibility of Spain and Greece defaulting, Italy, Portugal and Ireland in the red, several large California cities filing unprecedented bankruptcies, massive downgrades to junk, or near junk status for several countries, phantom shrinking of Chinese GDP, the U. S. facing a fiscal cliff, and the 99% being manipulated and disenfranchised, economic stability has escalated to an unsustainable cycle for billions of people.

6. Military and ideological revolutions are prominent themes of the days of the Dragon Moon… Page 45. —…“murder and genocide” – page 47.

·      Between the Arab Spring, the Occupy Wall Street movement, and freedoms being fought for around the world, 2011 and 2012 saw a wave of activism and revolution all around the globe.

7. A large earthquake will strike between Arcata California and Vancouver B.C.  – Page 134.

·      On October 27, 2012 a 7.7 earthquake struck of the coast of B.C. It was the largest in 60 years
·       Canada's largest quake since 1949 rattles B.C. coast, triggers tsunami fears


8. Abrupt water shortages and drought will be wide spread – Page 136.

·      The December 2012 chart indicates continual crop shortages – Page 92.
·      Many crops will suffer in their last stage of fruition and harvest will not yield their expected results – Page 135.
·      We will see wild fluctuations in food prices and commodities – Page 132.
·      September 2012, World Bank issues world hunger warning after major droughts in the U.S. and Europe.
·      There will be massive food shortages and famine – Page 133.

9. A major oil spill will occur in the pacific and/or other ocean in the southern hemisphere – Page 138.

·      The environmental minister of New Zealand has called the recent oil spill the most significant maritime disaster in its history. The Rena oil spill occurred on October 5, 2011 off the coast of New Zealand.

10.  There will be a large Internet blackout. Whole countries and/or continents will not be allowed to have Internet access –  Page 79.

·      Throughout several countries in the Arab Spring (north Africa), China and throughout the Middle East, we have seen the first  historical accounts of mass Internet Information blackouts, government sponsored spyware to track citizens, protestors and dissidents, and manipulation of information disseminated on the Internet by government authorities.


11.  There will be a major military attack on a theatre or concert hall – Page 137. 

·      On July 20, 2012, A gunman, dressed in tactical clothing, set off tear gas grenades and shot into an audience at a movie theatre in Aurora Colorado with multiple firearms, shooting 70 people. He killed 12 and wounded 58.

12. Writers, journalists, and scholars around the world will enter a dark and dangerous period with increased instances of censure and threats from government authorities – Page 131.

·      In 2011 and 2012 the world lost many of the great souls who uphold one our greatest freedoms – transparent information.

·      18 journalist in Somalia and over 21 in Syria have been killed in 2012.

Journalist Casualties Worlwide
  1. Syria: 21
  2. Somalia: 11
  3. Pakistan: 5
  4. Brazil: 3
  5. Ecuador: 1
  1. Nigeria: 1
  2. India: 1
  3. Bahrain: 1
  4. Thailand: 1
  5. Lebanon: 1
  1. Tanzania: 1
  2. Cambodia: 1
  3. Indonesia: 1
  4. Bangladesh: 1

13. There will be the first of many huge wars fought online. There will be larger hacker attacks against government and corporate facilities – Page 78.

·      2011 and 2012, saw the advent of Anonymous and Wikileaks, numerous Trojan viruses and spyware planted by government authorities to track its citizens, massive hacks that shut service for weeks for Sony and a plethora of other multi-national corporations.
·      A war will be fought in cyberspace – Page 90
·      760 companies including Google, Microsoft, Amazon where among those hit by a massive hack attack that was responsible for interrupting the RSA.
·      The personal information of over 3.5 million South Carolina residents as well as over 650,000 businesses had a major data breach in October of 2012.
·      6.5 million Linked In members had a possible major data breach in 2012
·      The list of data breaches for 2011 and 2012 is to extensive to list here.

14. There will be large outbreaks of food poisoning and contamination – Page 30

·      Strawberries where implicated in a mass food poisoning episode that sickened more that 11,000 in Germany in 2012.
·      Contamination at a drug manufacturer has caused over 375 people to contract meningitis with at least 28 deaths in the U.S.
·      2011 E.coli out break in Germany infects 3950 with over 50 deaths.

15. There will be throngs of political mercenaries disrupting civil affairs with venomous inflammatory rhetoric, hoards of fixated people protesting causes they are not well versed in, and mass hysteria inflamed by partisan politics – Page 77.

·      In September of 2012, a film deemed to be anti-Islamic, set off a chain of worldwide protest. The film had been around for years and no one I know in a 5,000-mile radius had ever seen or heard of it.
·      In Mardan alone 60,000 to 70,000 people came to protest the film.
·      Protest occurred in Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Sudan, Egypt, Tunisia, and throughout the Middle East.
·      The film was initially blamed for the attack that led to Libyan ambassador Stevens murder in Benghazi.
·      The protest where responsible for over a hundred deaths and hundreds of injuries as well as tens of millions of dollars in damage.
·      The unfortunate events where then turned on President Obama, as many tried to place blame on him for the security levels at the embassy.


16. Two women will be responsible for altering the destiny of their respective countries. One may be involved in a coup against the current leader, while the other will cause ruin and discord amongst her countrymen.

·      A high profile murder of a U.K. citizen implicating the wife of high ranking communist leader Bo Xilai, appears to be intricately linked with an ideological dispute within the Chinese communist government, and their strategies of succession.

17. Major fires will rage in southern Oregon, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Lake Tahoe, and other parts of northern and central California – page 131

·      In 2011 almost 4 million acres burned in Texas
·      2012 saw the largest wildfire in New Mexico’s history
·      Governor of Colorado said it was “the worst fire season in the history of Colorado.
·      California saw a volatile fire season as well.


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