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The Stars are the Windows to the Soul ©

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                                         Solar Eclipse September 13, 2015

The Stars are the Windows of the Soul

The light from each star radiates a different shade of the vast spectrum of divinity.

    The solar eclipse of September 13, 2015 occurs in the region of the zodiac consisting of the stars Pūrva Phalgunī - marking star of Zozma, but it falls closer to the domain of the marking star of Uttara Phalgunī – Denebola.

Pūrva Phalgunī is ruled by the deity Bhaga, and emanates Prajana Shakti – the power of creation and procreation. Uttara Phalgunī is ruled by the deity Aryama and emanates Chayana Shakti – the power of prosperity through unity, with an emphasis often oriented towards marriage.

Aryama has connotations around contracts that are rooted in love. All contracts are a two-sided vow, one with another, and one with yourself. Even if the other party breaks their agreement, the agreement with yourself supersedes the limitations the other party may bring to the table. Every agreement you keep with yourself and others, seeds the foundations of your soul, so you may reap the landscape of your future.

In some ways, Bhaga activates the strength and blessing to water the seeds of love in yourself, so you may share the harvests of love with another.

Honor the Earth, and you will Harvest the Stars ~ Tres Devas
The Stars are the Mirrors of the Soul ©

When light is oriented in one direction it allows you to see through windows. When light is oriented in yet another direction, it brightens the porthole you are peering into. From other positions it causes the window to act as a mirror reflecting you and the very light which illumines it.  

The influence of stars are similar to this, if you orient your perspective in one way they allow you to gaze into the celestial palace of the Great Spirit, in yet another way they reflect the spirit in you.

  ~ Intention is the light that orients the results of your perspectives ~

When used in language, the word bhaga denotes – gracious lord, dignity, Moon, Sun, beauty, loveliness, good fortune, opulence, majesty, distinction, excellence, welfare, beauty, a patron, happiness, the vulva or the female organs, affection, love, beauty, fame, love, dalliance, sexual passion and pleasure, and the bliss associated with amorous intimacy.

Bhaga is a form of divinity that actively apportions celestial treasures that manifest as love and prosperity for all living beings. This can be seen by his name being derived from the Sanskrit root √bhaj — to divide, to share to worship. It is for this reason that for thousands of years it has been documented that when astronomical alliances occurred in the star of Bhaga, it is said everyone from the homeless to great kings lined up to honor Bhaga in hopes he would anoint one divine blessings within the aspects of love and prosperity in their lives.

Even the plants and trees are said to rejoice at the arrival of light which emanates from Bhaga.

In the Artharva Veda, Bhaga is invoked to release one from the fetters of disease, and cure ailments.

As Aryama he is the wind, as Bhaga he is the body of all living beings. ~Śrīmad Bhāgavatam Purāṇa 12.11.27-49 ~

Bhaga and Aryama are sons of Aditi, a goddess who was created shortly after the creation of the Universe. In early Védic texts, it mentions she had 6 sons, in others 7 or 8. In later texts it mentions she had 11 or 12 sons which rule the qualities of light which change from month to month throughout the year.

Véda - 6,7,8 Ādityas

Śatapatha brāhmaṇa - 8 or 12 Ādityas

Harivaṃśa - 11 Ādityas

Viṣṇu, Liṅga and Bhāgavata Purāṇa - 12 Ādityas

Regardless if the Ādityas were considered to be 6,7,8,11 or 12 in number, Bhaga and Aryama always made the list.

The Brahma Purāṇa states, Aryama shines in the month of Vaiśākha, Bhaga in the month of Māgha(Jan 16 - Feb 16).

Bhaga shines in the auspicious month of Māgha, a month that often contains the transformative Makara Sankranti, and the advent of the Uttarāyaṇa or Northern course of the Sun, a course that is said to be dear and auspicious to the gods. This course of the sun is when seeds and trees sprout leaves, flowers and fruits that will ultimately provide sustenance to all creatures throughout the year.

In some lineages of Muhūrta, they say the month of Māgha spurs the growth of the intellect and in Vaiśākha, it unveils gems. The month that this eclipse is taking place is the month of Śrāvaṇa, which some lineages of Muhūrta state will radiate qualities of upliftment and elevation.

Worshipping Pūṣan when the Moon is in Pūrva Phalgunī gives victory, desired spouse, and blesses you with radiant looks and wealth.
~ Bhaviṣya Purāṇa ~

The Bhagya Sūktam is an ancient prayer attributed to Sage Vaśiṣṭha. It is an invaluable prayer that mainly invokes Bhaga, and is often recited as a regimen of morning prayers.

Bhagya Sūktam

Aryama as the sun-god, Pulaha as the sage, Athauja as the Yaksa, Praheti as the Raksasa, Punjikasthali as the Apsara, Narada as the Gandharva and Kacchanira as the Naga rule the month of Madhava.

Bhaga as the sun-god, Sphurja as the Raksasa, Aristanemi as the Gandharva, Uma as the Yaksa, Ayur as the sage, Karkotaka as the Naga and Purvacitti as the Apsara rule the month of Pusya.

~ Śrīmad Bhāgavatam ~ 12.11.27-49

                These have been excepts from the Stars are the Mirrors of the Soul © Series
परातरग्निं परातरिन्द्रं हवामहे परातर्मित्रावरुणाप्रातरश्विना |
परातर्भगं पूषणं बरह्मणस पतिं परातः सोममुत रुद्रं हुवेम ||
परातर्जितं भगमुग्रं हुवेम वयं पुत्रमदितेर्यो विधर्ता |
आध्रश्चिद यं मन्यमानस्तुरश्चिद राजा चिद यं भगं भक्षीत्याह ||
भग परणेतर्भग सत्यराधो भगेमां धियमुदवा ददन नः |
भग पर णो जनय गोभिरश्वैर्भग पर नर्भिर्न्र्वन्तः सयाम ||
उतेदानीं भगवन्तः सयामोत परपित्व उत मध्ये अह्नाम |
उतोदिता मघवन सूर्यस्य वयं देवानां सुमतौ सयाम ||
भग एव भगवानस्तु देवास्तेन वयं भगवन्तः सयाम |
तं तवा भग सर्व इज्जोहवीति स नो भग पुरेता भवेह ||
समध्वरायोषसो नमन्त दधिक्रावेव शुचये पदाय |
अर्वाचीनं वसुविदं भगं नो रथमिवाश्वा वाजिन आ वहन्तु ||
अश्वावतीर्गोमतीर्न उषासो वीरवतीः सदमुछन्तु भद्राः |
घर्तं दुहाना विश्वतः परपीता यूयं पात स्वस्तिभिस्सदा नः||
यो माऽग्नेभागिनँ सन्तमथाभागं चिकीर्षति।
अभागमग्ने तं कुरु मामग्ने भागिनं कुरु ||

At dawn we invoke Agni, Indra , Mitra, Varuna and the Aswins , At dawn we invoke Bhaga , Pushan, Brahmanaspathi, Soma and Rudra.
In the morning we invoke Bhaga, the Son of Aditi, the great supporter,thinking of whom, the poor, yea, even the mighty, even the King himself says, Give me Bhaga.
Oh Bhaga , cross our way, Oh Bhaga who gives true gifts, continue giving your gifts, Oh Bhaga add cows and horses to our store, Oh Bhaga bestow on us men and kings.
Make us one with wealth/luck and when light breaks and at noon, And even at sunset , let us be under the good grace of the Deities.
Let Bhaga be the one who gives me wealth/luck , and Oh Deities, make us lucky, Oh Bhaga we pray you with all our mind, that you bhaga be our leader here.
Let due to our worship at dawn , make them come to a pure place like Dadikravan, Similar to strong horses leading the chariot , let Bhaga turn towards us the essence of riches.
Let the dawns be with us ,always safely with horses, cattle and heroes, Milking the world with plenty and look after us ,Oh God with blessings.
Oh Agni , the participating saints have offered the present offering, Oh Agni let that portion be made that of the participators.  


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