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THE ZODIACAL NEW YEAR 2013 4/13/2013


                The Zodiacal New Year 2013
                  The U.S. and North Korea
                                   The U.S

According to Lahiri ayanamsha, The Zodiacal new year, or Solar new year, commences April 13, 2013 at approximately 3:48 PM EDT in Washington D.C.

Day is Saturday, on Chaturthi tithi: This indicates military tensions, moving away  from a bumper crop year. Moon in Krittika is auspicious. Ayushman yoga inaugurates the year as an indicator of health and happiness.

The regal sign Leo rises at the moment of the New Year, along with the lunar mansion of Purva Phalguni. The Sun is strong in the 9th sign along with the impulsive and martial Mars, the ministerial Venus, and the subdued explosive Ketu. Purva Phalguni gives America the possibility of victory in creation; victory by providing and inventing comfort for those in need.

In the U.S., The stage is set for a year of spirited progress in all matters sacred and scientific, as well as the ability to transform our initiative and drive into spiritual and scientific endeavors. The Sun in the 9th with Mars, Venus and Ketu indicate transforming the institution of marriage back into a spiritual right of passage, instead of the legislative mess it has become. There is the potential to transform our relations into a divine cooperation instead of a divided corporation. The planets provide us an opportunity to align our soul with the duality of desires which normally catalyze a polarized swing away from spirit.
Padsaworn Wannakarn
Jupiter and the Moon are placed in the 10th sign, indicating an expansion of global trade with a measure of corporate conservativeness. Jupiter and Moon are the intuitive powerhouses, so look inward before you act outward. In the field of your occupation; move from your feelings, and feel before your movements.

It is a Vijaya year, ruled by Ahirbudhnya and Uttarabhadrapada. Shastra tells us Vijaya years are moderately positive with progress and prosperity available to people, as well as an ample harvest indicated. As Ahirbudhnya rules over the current guru yuga, it indicates progress in research and discovery, and the uncovering of many mysteries that have laid dormant in the recesses of our ignorance.

Having most of the planets in the 9th and 10th houses shows a positive and progressive year for the U.S. in 2013. It indicates an expansion for many industries in the international arena, and a regal positive image projected to the world.
Though it will be an expansive year for the U.S. government, it will be a disaster in the realm of spies, Internet attacks, and fiscal fortitude. Mercury is the lord of the 2nd and 11th houses of wealth and profit, but he is debilitated in the eighth house of defaults, bankruptcies and war. This indicates that the legislative policies, and structure of the finance/banking system of the U.S. is severely flawed.

Mercury as the splicer, clone, dualist indicates that the food (2nd) ingested by the society (11th), is spoiled and contaminated (8th house) by legislative shadiness and genetic manipulation – Mercury debilitated. Classically, Mercury in Uttarabhadrapada creates disease, drought and anxiety.

The third house of communications in cities and villages (Libra) has retrograde Saturn conjoined a camouflaged Rahu. Saturn rules the 6th and 7th houses of enemies and partners, showing that the partners of the U.S. government may very well be their enemies, and their enemies may be their partners. This combination indicates that there will be a large degree of mineral and oil exploitation and contamination by the enemies, as well as corporate partners of the U.S.

Damage due to tornadoes and hurricanes will displace many in the U.S.
Danger to foreign diplomats and ambassadors is indicated.

                                     North Korea

North Korea has Mercury debilitated in the rising sign, which happens to be the 8th house of the U.S. Solar new year chart. This is concerning, for the U.S. has the 7th lord exalted in the 8th house of the North Korean chart, while North Korea has the 7th lord debilitated in the 8th house of the U.S. chart. Along with it being an indicator of military conflict, it is reflective of the dynamic we have witnessed recently – were the U.S. looks weak to allow such preposterous sabre rattling, while North Korea looks strong to be able to rattle such a larger prestigious foe. This indicates that military tensions will come to a head May 4th –May 21st.

Mercury in the rising of the North Korean zodiacal new year chart reflects the inane childish remarks communicated to the media by their leader; while Sun, Mars and Ketu strong in the second, indicate that he will not let up his aggressive rhetoric anytime soon. This also indicates that the main drive and desire of the North Koreans is profit and funding, and that the politicians have quite a sizeable racket going on filling their coffers.


For India, the lord of the ascendant is in the 5th house, but in the 6th rashi. The 7th lord is debilitated. This indicates that India’s greatest impediment is it’s legal system derived from the British. It indicates that it cannot truly go forward with its global partners unless it totally overhauls this antiquated legal system.  Saturn retrograde in Libra in the 11th indicate that India's greatest profit can come from a complete restructuring of it's infrastructure.

As 7th lord is fallen in the 4th, this indicates turmoil in the traditional institution of marriage, and how it relates to the perception of family. 

Though Mercury is in the 4th sign, it is in the 2nd house. This indicates that the education system must be seriously overhauled to tap the potential of its brilliant youth. This is also indicated because of four planets in the 5th sign that actually occupy the 3rd house. This indicates that politicians are making a killing at the expense of the new generation, and if the masses educate themselves, then India can solidify its rightful place as one of the greatest nations on Earth. 

The rising sign is in Uttarashadha – the latter victory, final victory. This points to many things, but foremost for this chart, it indicates the immense promise and creative potential of the coming generation of India’s youth.

                                      !HAPPY SOLAR NEW YEAR! 

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