Monday, February 25, 2013



The only resource is to find the recourse
To regain the true source, and relate to a new force
 Revise the divorce, from your minds patterns that cause remorse
Reassess the test from Mercury’s regress
 Found in the mess when you review that guess
That was really a test to rewrite even less

Forced to retrace your steps and reevaluate your projected forms
No more than reusable delusions that you must reform
Reenact the repatriations of your lost creations
And recoup the spirit that was once your station
Why did you resort to a lost retort
When you had to reenter back into your center
To reassign the ascension you forgot to mention
To your pretensions and all their recenssions
How did you gain traction from all those reactions
That were really infractions redressed as expansions
Reabsorbed into madness that reequipped your distractions

                                       Let your demons die
go and find your protection
In the words of the Gurus is your resurrection
You must reacquaint with your inner saint
And let the devil find someone else in which to revel

You must find restitution with what caused retribution
And then reemerge with a new resolution
Rewind the tape and listen again
Reaffirm the visions for your goals at the end
If you search in your darkness
It will all be revealed
It was there all along
Waiting for you to heal

There will be no regrowth if there is no reprieve
And the Earth will die if there is no releaf

So rescind yourself from this world of thieves
If you seek to relent  you will never retrieve
For there is no rebirth if there is no release
And there is no gain if you cannot receive

Find that receipt to refund your beliefs
That you lost when you ran in a hasty retreat
Can you recall what made you fall
When you tried to reacquire what you thought you desired
All the dreams you were told that you had to restrain
And the inner voices from which you learned to refrain
You must follow their call through the screams of the pain
And then only your light inside will remain.

You must research the past stop and reeducate
Mercury uncovers all when he goes retrograde
Rerecord all those voices that fuel all your choices 
And the desert of your heart will reforest and moisten

Reinstate your path you rerouted when sad
And you tried to repel all you thought that was bad
Reexamine the reentry of your daily passions
And how that relates to your Lunar Mansion

Reestablish the discovery of what will fuel your recovery
Shadow's shine veil what at one time you knew…
…That retained in your soul is gods residue...

Om Braam Breem Braum Saha Budhaya Namaha


  1. Revised and re-dated... renewed to NOW!

    Thank you so much!
    This is truly amazing!
    I am going to have to come back to this often...

    Warm regards,

  2. still so good! I have read this over and over!