Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Ganesh Ganesh Chaturthi part 2

One day, to celebrate the birthday of Ganesh, his mother, Parvati, cooked Ganesh sweet porridge and twenty-one types of exotic foods. Ganesh ate an enormous amount of food. 

After dinner Ganesh mounted his mouse and went for a stroll through the forest. As Ganesh cruised through the woods his mouse saw a snake and stumbled, making Ganesh lose his balance and spilling the contents of his stomach. Ganesh pulled all the contents back into his stomach, grabbed the snake and tied it around his belly.

As Ganesh mounted his mouse, he heard a heckling laughter from the sky. He looked up and saw the Moon laughing at the events that had transpired. Ganesh was infuriated. Ganesh broke off one of his tusk and hurled it at the Moon. The Moon quickly hid behind the clouds. Perturbed by the Moons laughter, Ganesh cursed the moon and said "If anyone gazes at your face  on my birthday they will be misunderstood by friends and family and gain a bad name."

This story has multiple layers of multiple meanings. Ganesh rode on his ego, the mouse. As he started to achieve spiritual progress his ego was thwarted by his desires–the snake. He grabbed the snake and wrapped it around his belly (his progress and command of his Kundalini energy). As he was gaining control of his Kundalini energy...

This story is encoded with many meanings and secrets, but you have to send me a message if you want the rest of the explanations...Moon laughing—HA!

...but dont look at the moon on Saturday night!

  Om Shri Ganeshaye Namah



  1. Hey, how can you leave us in the lurch like that, especially the day before chaturthi!!! I'm waiting with baided breath.

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